Christmas is a family occasion and we are a family owned and operated wholesale christmas tree plantation situated in northeast vermont in the small town of Canaan. This well established plantation offers something for every one. Our trees range from 5' to 12' with 3 grades to choose from.


How Tree's Are Graded

Premium Grades very from left to right
#1's Grades very from left to right
#2's Grades very from left to right


There are trees with a 40% taper for apartments and trees with a 100% taper for the spacious living room, or picture window display. Beautiful Balsams and a natural Fraser/Balsam mix. Each tree is carefully touched to be the best it can be.

Members of the Vermont Christmas Tree Association and the New Hampshire Vermont Christmas Tree Association we strive to learn the best way to treat our trees and be kind to the environment.

Our wholesale trees will put a smile on your customers face.

We invite you to join us on Facebook at Houle's Tree Farm, send us an E-Mail or come and visit us